1. CHI2024.png
    Understanding the Needs of Novice Developers in Creating Self-Powered IoT
    Xia Chengshuo, Min Tian, Zhang Daxiang, and 1 more author
    In Proceedings of the 2024 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’24), May 11–16, 2024, Hawaii, USA, May 2024


  1. ISS2023-main.gif
    Seeing the Wind: An Interactive Mist Interface for Airflow Input
    Min Tian, Xia Chengshuo, Yamamoto Takumi, and 1 more author
    Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact. 7, ISS, Article 444 (December 2023), Dec 2023
  2. ISS-Demo.gif
    Assisting the Multi-directional Limb Motion Exercise with Spatial Audio and Interactive Feedback
    Min Tian, Xia Chengshuo, and Sugiura Yuta
    In Companion Proceedings of the Conference on Interactive Surfaces and Spaces (ISS Companion ’23), Dec 2023
  3. CHI2023.png
    Altruistic and Profit-oriented: Making Sense of Roles in Web3 Community from Airdrop Perspective
    Fan Sizheng, Min Tian, Wu Xiao, and 1 more author
    In Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’23), Apr 23–28, 2023, Hamburg, Germany, Apr 2023


  1. FDG2022.png
    Towards Understanding Player Behavior in Blockchain Games: A Case Study of Aavegotchi
    Jiang Yu, Min Tian, Fan Sizheng, and 1 more author
    Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on the Foundations of Digital Games (FDG ’22), Sep 5–8, 2022, Athens, Greece, Nov 2022
  2. WWW2022.png
    Towards Understanding Governance Tokens in Liquidity Mining: A Case Study of Decentralized Dxchanges
    Fan Sizheng, Min Tian, and Cai Wei
    Springer World Wide Web (WWWJ ’22), Jul 2022
  3. TPCI2022.png
    Portrait of Decentralized Application Users: An Overview Based on Large-scale Ethereum Data
    Min Tian, and Cai Wei
    CCF Transactions on Pervasive Computing and Interaction, Feb 2022
  4. MMSys2022.png
    Synchronization in Games Sound: An Audiovisual Study on Player Experience and Performance
    Chen Yu, Min Tian, Zhao Juntao, and 1 more author
    Proceedings of the 13th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (GameSys ’22), June 14, Athlone, Ireland, Jun 2022


  1. COG2019.png
    Blockchain Games: A Survey
    Min Tian, Wang Hanyi, Guo Yaoze, and 1 more author
    IEEE Conference on Games 2019 (CoG ’19), 20-23 Aug, London, UK, Aug 2019
  2. GEM2019.png
    A Security Case Study for Blockchain Games
    Min Tian, and Cai Wei
    IEEE Games, Entertainment and Media (GEM ’19), 19-22 Jun, New Heaven, US, Jun 2019